Slide Cloud Connected Phone
Systems of The Future
We work closely with the brightest minds in
the telecom industry to bring you
the simplest and most powerful business
telephone systems in the world.
We work closely with the brightest minds in the telecom
industry to bring you the simplest and most powerful
business telephone systems in the world.
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Slide Business Phone Systems Business Phone
Systems - DIDnPBX
The way companies were meant to communicate...
In the office and remotely!
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Slide Office Buy DDI Number Buy DID Number Buy Virtual Number Divert My Number Buy Online Number didnpbx DID Number Hub Virtual Number Hub DID Number Provider Carry My Number Global Phone System italk world Our Brands... Slide Mobile Our DID numbers
are platform-agnostic
so you can integrate them with any SIP-enabled platform
including your existing cloud communications solution.
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Slide Hosted PBX Move away from Traditional
//local PBX & Try
our cloud-based phone system ( DnP) that grows with your
business! DnP is designed for modern workers, is built on
the cloud and dead simple.
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Enhance business & office productivity with our cloud phone system!

Most Innovative Phone System with phone numbers, encrypted calls and SMS. Best Cloud Phone System – DIDnPBX. Coverage Available in 100+ Countries.

VOIP Termination and Origination

Hosted PBX

Inbound SIP trunking for business telephony


International dial-in numbers for audio conferencing

Contact Center

Service numbers for contact centers and solution providers

Keep Your Phone Number or Get New numbers from us.!

Port your existing phone number to us, free of charge*. Transfer your number and manage your business on the go with a virtual phone system today! Choose any of our Brands..

About Connect with VOIP

About Connect with VOIP

Connect With VOIP Provides Customers Stronger and most Efficient International Communication with Direct Interconnects in over 100 Countries.

World’s premier VoIP solutions provider, Ours is a Internet Telephony Service Provider offering VOICE/Video and other Value added Services.

Connect With VOIP supplies numbers to Telco’s (telecom companies), Resellers, Corporate multinationals worldwide and End users. Our portfolio includes Voice Termination and Voice Origination (Domestic Premium Rate Numbers, GEO numbers – DIDs, Freephone – Toll-Free – IFTS, Universal Freephone – UIFN.)


Our vision is to eliminate boundaries by combining the benefits of global IP communication with local telephone infrastructure.

What Drives us

Communication is the bedrock upon which civilization is built. Without communication, any semblance of intellectual evolution crumbles like sandcastles before an onrushing wave. For businesses to thrive and relations to prosper they must first communicate effectively and efficiently with one another. From expressing the deepest emotions to those we love, to educating future generations, documenting innovation, to transcribing literature from a muse, or simply enjoying a captivating story, communication is an essential tool of developing culture.

Communication is imperative to the survival of everyone. As a result of our love for communicating, and our companies experience in it, we are here to help everyone communicate more effectively; and to provide individuals and businesses with the highest quality communications services available, for the most reasonable and competitive prices.

What drives us


CLECs who are Internet telephone service providers & Carriers with Direct Number ranges can Partner with us. We are always interested in Building Direct Interconnects. Kindly use Contact us form on Bottom of page to reach us.


We offer business-driven solutions that meet industry standards while offering integrators and resellers the tools to maximize their profitability. Our innovative products enable telecommunications companies as well as independent operating companies to deliver premium, cost-effective voice services on a global basis.

By being our reseller, you are able to take full advantage of our commitment to ensure the delivery of the highest standards of voice quality and reliability to you and your customers.

We offer Aggressive pricing on our entire product line, with additional discounts for volume purchases.



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